Do weighted blankets have benefits for adults?

The short answer to this question is “Yes, definitely”.  Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular for children with sensory disorders, however, they can be just as therapeutic for adults as well. Adults have the same medical conditions, anxieties, and needs for comfort as children so weighted blankets provide the same assistance. Just like with any blanket for children, the right blanket for an adult will depend on his or her personal preferences and needs. Fortunately there are many options catering specifically to adults including Yorkville Blanket Company. Weighted blankets can be used by anybody and everybody for everyday use to help comfort and provide a long nights sleep.



Is my weighted blanket heavy enough?

Weighted Blanket for Trouble SleepingThe most important factor when looking for a weighted blanket for an adult is how heavy the blanket is. Weighted blankets are not one size fit all and they should be tailored in size and weight for the user. Generally the occupational therapists recommend approximately 10% of your body weight for the ideal blanket. If the blanket does not wrap all the way around you or is not heavy enough for your size you will not be taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of a weighted blanket. An ideal blanket should be apply firm pressure across your body without feeling suffocating. A blanket that is too heavy could make you feel trapped and could even be dangerous. It is recommended you follow the guide below when searching for the best blanket for you.


Body WeightMinimum Blanket WeightMaximum Blanket WeightRecommended
30 lbs.3 lbs.5 lbs.Small
40 lbs.4 lbs.6 lbs.Small
50 lbs.4 lbs.7 lbs.Small
60 lbs.5 lbs.8 lbs.Small
70 lbs.5 lbs.9 lbs.Small
80 lbs.6 lbs.10 lbs.Medium
90 lbs.7 lbs.10 lbs.Medium
100 lbs.8 lbs.12 lbs.Medium
110 lbs.8 lbs.13 lbs.Medium
120 lbs.10 lbs.15 lbs.Medium
130 lbs.10 lbs.16 lbsLarge
140 lbs.10 lbs.16 lbs.Large
150 lbs.10 lbs.16 lbs.Large
160 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.Large
170 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.Large
180 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.Large
190 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.Large
200 lbs.10 lbs.18 lbs.Extra Large
210 lbs.12 lbs.20 lbsExtra Large
220 lbs.12 lbs.20 lbs.Extra Large
230 lbs.12 lbs.21 lbs.Extra Large
240 lbs.12 lbs.22 lbs.Extra Large
250 lbs.12 lbs.22 lbs.Extra Large
260 lbs.12 lbs.22 lbs.Extra Large
270 lbs.12 lbs.22 lbs.Extra Large
280+ lbs.14 lbs.24 lbs.Extra Large


Where can I buy cheap weighted blankets for adults?

You are in luck! You can buy weighted blankets for adults right here on our website. Our medium and largest size weighted blankets are both great for adults depending on your size and weight tolerance. See here for more information on how you can purchase!


Weighted Blanket for Anxiety