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We have the perfect weight for you

Weighted Blanket for Children


Our smallest blanket weighs 5 lbs and is ideal for children between 35 and 80 lbs.

Weighted Blanket for Teens


Our medium blanket weighs 10 lbs and is recommended for anybody between 70 and 180 lbs.

Weighted Blankets for Adults


Our largest weighted blanket weighs 18 lbs, making this a great weighted blanket for adults 150 lbs and up.


Cool Cotton Top Layer

The top layer of your blanket will be a high-quality cotton chambray, designed to balance softness, strength, and breathability. This top layer is engineered to keep the blanket light, giving you a cool sleep throughout the night even in the warm summer months so you are not overheated in order to achieve your perfect weight. 

What's Inside?

Your blanket will be filled with tiny micro-beads, hardly larger than a grain of sugar. Combined with a soft polyester filling you will be able to have weight without bulk. The beads are barely noticeable when mixed with the filling, providing sensory input without the discomfort of hard plastic pellets found in other blankets.

Fluffy Flannel Bottom Layer

The bottom layer of your blanket will be a plush cotton flannel for a soft, cuddly surface. This fabric is cozy enough to make you want to wrap yourself up in the blanket, but light enough that your will not be sweating by having it covering you all night.